About Us

Blure Collective was an idea of creator Santiago Mos built on a conscious concept that "High" fashion brands looked down upon streetwear as a "blur" within the fashion industry but actually the fashion and music industries alike are driven by the streets savvy presence. So with the help of his partner J. Mendoza they're here to launch not just another clothing line but a clothing essential. Taking their love for sports, art, music, street elements and intertwining it with couture making for a very vast brand with no limitations. We want to bridge that gap between High end brands, sportswear and streetwear. Kicking off first with our BLURE line of tees, caps and accessories then later our more couture cut&sew line BCVE.

One thing about Blure Collective (BCVE) is that we care about what goes on in our community and the world around us, especially since both of us came from disadvantaged areas. We want to do our part even before we become a major brand so we started a fund called Blure Collective Charities Fund (BCCF) in which EVERY piece of clothing bought, a portion of that sale will go into our fund, then at the end of the year all monies collected, will then be donated to a charity we choose during that year. So your purchase will help you look good and help someone in need at the same time.